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Cisyk's original goal was a career as an opera singer, but her father's death left the family without a source of income. Needing to earn money immediately, Cisyk pursued a career as a session singer in popular music. She drew her professional name (Kacey) from her first and last initials.

Cisyk began singing in clubs, while submitting audition tapes to producers and advertising agencies. She had a successful career as a background singer in popular music, working as a backup singer for Carly Simon and Michael Franks and for artists produced by Quincy Jones.

Cisyk achieved her widest success as a singer of the musical jingles used in TV and radio commercials. Cisyk's recording of the slogan "Have you driven a Ford lately?" was used in Ford commercials from 1981 to 1998; in 1989, Ford executives estimated that Cisyk's recording of that phrase had been heard by 20 billion people.

During a career that lasted more than 20 years, Cisyk's skills were so highly valued that competitors within the same industry sought her services. Cisyk's sang the phrase "You deserve a break today" for McDonalds, but also recorded commercials for Burger King.

In addition to Ford, Cisyk sang for automakers GM and Toyota. She recorded spots for the three national television networks in the 1980s ABC, NBC and CBS, four major airlines American, Delta, Eastern and TWA, two national retailers Sears and JC Penney and the two most popular soft drinks: Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

As the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, Cisyk was raised with Ukrainian music, and she is well known in the Ukrainian-speaking world for her two albums of Ukrainian songs. In 1988 she recorded her first album, Kvitka, Songs of Ukraine which won top honors in the 1988 Ukrainian Music Awards. Her second album, Kvitka, Two Colors, was released in 1989. was dedicated to "the spirit of the Ukrainian soul, whose wings can never be broken." Today, songs from both albums continue to be heard on radio in Ukraine. Both albums where nominated for a Grammy Awardin 1990.

Both Songs of Ukraine and Two Colors were family projects. Cisyk's second husband, Ed Rakowicz, a recording engineer, produced them; her first husband, Jack Cortner] arranged and conducted them. Her sister Maria, a concert pianist and teacher, performed the solo piano selections on the record.

Bio Courtesy of Wikipedia

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Did You Know the Ukrainian Folk Singer Kvitka Cisyk Was the Voice of Many Famous Commercial Jingles?
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Here is a link to a recording session of one of the her most recognizable commercials "Have You Driven a Ford Lately"



Kvitka Cisyk Rakowicz died from breast cancer on March 29, 1998, six days before her 45th birthday. She is survived by her husband, Edward J. Rakowicz and son, Edward W. (born 1991), and her first husband, Jack Cortner.

Because of her contribution to Ukrainian music a yearly music festival is held and a street was named in her honour in Lviv, Ukraine

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